maggie strong.

a different kind of lucky.

I cannot believe it has almost been 10 months since my little brain tumor friend surprised me with an unwelcomed visit. That egg sized, well, bastard… has been vacated.

I had an awake craniotomy, 33 rounds of radiation, weekly blood work since July and continue to receive chemotherapy. My poor body. There is one plus when it comes to cancer: I’ve lost 30lbs. I’ve had awful bouts of nausea. Constipation has been bad enough to make me cry. Sorry, the ugly truth of side effects. I’ve gone a few days without eating and forcing myself to drink water. I’ve had low creatinine levels and had to stop chemo for a time because of low platelets. My memory is crap. My word finding is crap. Half of my head is bald. My arm and hand go numb constantly. My left cheek twitches. I am so lucky! Seriously, if that is all I have had to deal with, I am so lucky.

I’ve had wonderful days, so-so days and down right awful days.

If I fall, I will stand up.


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3 thoughts on “a different kind of lucky.

  1. You are in my top 5 of amazingly tough chicks… Keep rockin’!!!

  2. Another wonderful post from one amazing woman. I am so proud that you are my daughter. Talk about lucky…I won the lottery when God chose me to be your mom,

  3. thanks for sharing and keeping it real – love you, pray for you, proud of you

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