maggie strong.

thank you.


There is one thing that I have said and continue to say over and over. THANK YOU.

Thank you God for giving me the ability to wake up every morning, strongly put my feet on the ground and smile. Thank you God for giving me the ability to laugh at life’s happy moments. Thank you God for giving me the ability to see my loved ones, flowers and beautiful skies. Oh, how long this list could be.

From the first day I knew I had cancer, I have expressed how thankful I am. Don’t let me get wrong, there is a lot that I am angry about. I have an Anaplastic Oligodendroglioma, brain cancer, and have been told that the average survival rate is 15 years. Every day, every minute, innocent peoples lives are being turned upside down. Unfortunately, some of these people have been given days, months and very few years to live. How thankful am I for having been given a better prognosis than what I could have been given?

Too often patients search and beg for answers to their pain for months or years. How thankful am I for having been given a diagnoses of a tumor within hours, and cancer within days? I am so lucky. I am so lucky that I physically have no signs of being ill. Most people look at cancer as a death sentence. There are so many types of cancer that have no hope for surgery, treatments or a future. From day one, I have been told that my cancer is very treatable and responds well to treatment. What a relief that I have been given hope. I have been given hope for myself and also to those that never may had a chance for hope. 

I am scared. I am overwhelmed. More importantly I am lucky, grateful, fortunate, blessed and loved. I wake up every day not knowing what my future has in store. But I do know that I’m alive. I have been given another day, another day to dream, hope and fight. For that, I will never take for granted how beautiful of a life I have.


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2 thoughts on “thank you.

  1. Aunt Anne on said:

    Maggie, your blog is amazing. It has helped me to understand what you are going through and what is going on in your mind. If I haven’t said it before you are an amazing writer. I pray for your strength and positive attitude each day. Take those days that are full of happiness and laughter for everything they are worth. The days of sadness, fear and anxiety…a moment at a time. It is okay to cry, yell, scream, and hit a pillow….but most of all don’t forget to hug Nate and hold on to the biggest heart you will ever know.

    • Daddy on said:

      Thank you Maggie Rose.
      Thank you for being a good sport when I teased you about turn signal fluid in your car.
      Thank you for being a good sport when I teased you about being adopted.
      Thank you for being a good sport when I teased you about speech class.
      Thank you being excited when you saw me when I picked you up after kindergarten.
      Thank you being a Dutch cheerleader, it was fun being a scorekeeper but secretly I would be checking you out having fun every chance I had.
      Thank you for the pride we felt on senior nite. You actually had the loudest response from the stands. I was blushing.
      Thank you for asking our advice at car buying time.
      Thank you for letting us be part of your excitement when you bought your home.
      Thank you for asking me to do fix ups and odds and ends.
      Thank you Maggie Rose for coming into my life and choosing me to be your Dad !!!

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