maggie strong.



I’m pissed off. I’m positive.

I’m trying so hard to keep “Why is this happening to me?” and “This isn’t fair” from coming out of my mouth. It’s happening and unfortunately I can’t do anything about it. Where can I find the handbook for handling this? I want to yell, no, scream. I want to cry, which I do often. I want to be healthy, which I will be.

I don’t want to just say that I’m positive, I want to actually mean it, and actually feel it. 



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3 thoughts on “Piss-itive.

  1. Clythera S. Hornung on said:

    Your writing is so wonderful. . . . expressive. . . . heartfelt. I hope it is helps to commit your feelings to something that can be shared. So IMPRESSIVE . . . . .read your blog everyday and your mother’s entries on Caring Bridge. Your support system is second to none. Can’t wait to read the happy ending.

    Cly Hornung

  2. MOM on said:

    I was going to tease you about all your wonderful teachers (including me 😉 who taught you to be such a great writer. However, nobody can teach you to write from the heart like you are doing. Keep it up!!! It is actually helping all of us to understand your journey. Safe travels ahead (no pun intended) for you.
    Love you so much. Can’t wait to hug you in person on Monday, but hope you are feeling the love in the meantime from all of us.

  3. Ruth Ross on said:

    Just want you to know that I read your blog and pray for you daily. I just want to wish you the best and will be anxious to read the next post. Keep going strong!

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