maggie strong.

My new path.


Do you have a brain tumor? I do.

May is National Brain Tumor Awareness Month, and I’m celebrating by having surgery to remove an egg sized tumor from behind my left ear. Egg sized…yea, no more eggs for me! I have encountered hard boiled eggs left and right recently, yet I can’t quite comprehend that something that size has actually grown inside of me. I still picture it to only be the size of a plastic bottle cap.

I don’t know if I’m still in shock, in denial or just don’t fully understand what is happening. I would really love to know which of those three options is what I’m actually feeling. It would really, really help me to deal with this. I don’t want to let myself get depressed. I want to be positive. When there is a chance that you could have Brain Cancer, it is so hard to not be depressed and be positive instead.

My life has made one huge wrong turn and I just want so badly to put it in reverse and get back on the path I had been going.

I like to think that my new path is just an extra long journey that one day will connect to the path I had envisioned, and this bumpy, ugly road will be one of my past.


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5 thoughts on “My new path.

  1. Christa on said:

    Maggie I am really not even sure what to say …… When I read ur post the other day I cried …. I may have only worked w u for a short time but I cherish your friendship and its an honor to call u my friend…… I love ya and you are a strong chick!!!!!!!! I’m here if you or Nate need anything…….. I love ya

  2. Vicki on said:

    I love the attitude! Positive!

  3. Kitti on said:

    Maggie, I pray for you every day. Stay positive and believe that everything happens for a reason. And nope, you don’t get to know the reason yet, but trust me one day you will. I believe in you, my friend. You can do anything!

  4. MOM on said:

    I am so proud of you, Maggie! Keep posting and may the sunshine keep pouring in on you!
    Love, MOM

  5. Anne on said:

    Maggie you are a beautiful writer…your words hold strength, fear, the unknown and love all wrapped in one. You are going to be fine…this I know. You have many people praying for you and some you have never met!! There are also many angels watching over you and will be standing with the team of doctors on Tuesday to guide their hands to a successful surgery. Let God sit with you, hold your hand and worry about the unkinown. All you need to do is feel the love surrounding your heart. We love you….Aunt Anne and Uncle Steve

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